Welcome at Starcasino Team, the home of some (future) stars in women’s cyclocross and road cycling. 

We’re a professional, international team, based in Belgium. Leading ladies of cyclocross such as current world chmpion Marion Norber-Riberolle, Anna Kay, Lindy Van Anrooij, Eva Lechner, Lucia Bramati & Trine Holmsgaard chose to ride with us, and they can’t be wrong.

We hope you like your stay between the stars.

Our Team


Age: 21 / Nationality: British


Age: 21 / Nationality: French


Age: 23 / Nationality: Danish


Age: 17 / Nationality: Italy

Van Anrooij

Age: 24 / Nationality: Dutch


Age: 35 / Nationality: Italy

Hi I’m Anna and I’m a professional cyclist for Starcasino CX Team! I have been riding a bike for as long as I can remember and racing at a higher level for the last few years! I ride my bike because I love the adrenaline that comes with, my favourite type of ride is in the woods or a one in the mountains.

Anna Kay

Hi, I'm Eva and riding cyclocross for the Starcasino Team. I started racing with MTB when I was 16. A few years later I found also my love for cyclocross and it was growing more every year. I just love my bike in general, as riding my bike gives me a feeling of freedom. And racing gives me just that adrenalin that I need 😉 As a cyclocross rider I also love muddy and rainy condition and technical difficult courses. Riding my bike is part of my live.

Eva Lechner

Ook bij ons heeft Corona zijn impact, het test evenement op 8/9/10 januari kan niet meer doorgaan. Wij zijn nu druk bezig om de tests voor de preselecties voor te bereiden op een andere manier.

Koers zkt. Vrouw

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